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Geopolitical Assessments
Providing analysis and advice on international issues

A selection of my most recent publications and lectures:
"Trump's fantastic phone call with Pakistan's PM", 
The Strategist  (Australian Strategic Policy Institute), 8 December 2016.
"Pakistan must come to party on fighting terror or pay the price", The Australian, 27 October 2016.
"Balochistan: Pakistan's soft underbelly", The Strategist, (Australian Strategic Policy Institute), 10 August 2016.
"Afghanistan: Obama's last and reluctant troop decision", The Strategist(Australian Strategic Policy Institute), 8 July 2016.
"The fallout from the assassination of Mullah Mansour", 
The Strategist  (Australian Strategic Policy Institute), 25 May 2016.
"Letter from Washington: back to the future with Clinton's foreign policy", The Strategist, (Australian Strategic Policy Institute), 20 June 2016.
"US-Pakistan Relations Remain as Critical as Ever", Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, 9 June 2016.
"Why Trump has rattled the Land Down Under",  The Diplomat, 15 December 2016.
"Trump's 'Muslim ban' makes Pakistan nervous", The Strategist, (Australian Strategic Policy Institute),   6 February 2017. 
"Pakistan-Iran Bilateral Relations: More Growth but not close" - Part One: Afghanistan, India and China, 23 March 2017; 
Part Two: Saudi Arabia and Balochistan, 28 March 2017. 
Future Directions International.
"Putin’s Russian roulette in Afghanistan", The Strategist,  (Australian Strategic Policy Institute), 10 May 2017.
"Trump’s Afghanistan surge: a sense of déjà vu", The Strategist, ​(Australian Strategic Policy Institute), 16 June 2017.
"Pakistan post-Sharif: expect little change", The Strategist,  (Australian Strategic Policy Institute), 15 August 2017.